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Rich Russian Kids

These photographs are taken from the “Rich Russian Kids” instagram profile. The account started in 2015 to show off the opulence of the children of the "new rich" in Putin's Russia. The images, and the films published, show a cocooned, artificial and sometimes surreal world, unknown to most, in which boys and girls, often very young, travel aboard private aircraft and cars worth hundreds of thousands of euros, wear famous designer clothes, watches and expensive jewellery. They have tigers, bears or panthers as pets, drink bottles of prestigious brands of champagne, hang round with models, and even own guns or solid gold kalashnikovs.
The picture that emerges is that of a spoiled generation who act with impunity, which can afford to slam its wealth in the face of the world without any scruples, and without paying any kind of consequence, whose primary objective seems to show off. To date, the account has around a million followers.


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