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Palazzo Trinci is a patrician building located in the center of Foligno, in Piazza della Repubblica, and is one of the most interesting late-Gothic dwellings in central Italy. It contains a precious cycle of frescoes from the early fifteenth century, created by Gentile da Fabriano with the collaboration of other artists and houses the civic art gallery, the archaeological museum and the multimedia museum of tournaments, rides and games.

During the days of the festival it becomes the beating heart of the event. Renamed for the occasion "the Palace of Photography", is the flagship not only of the city but also of our event. Its frescoed rooms, its loggia of immense charm, are the worthy frame of UWF reports

  • Friday 12 October

    9.00 pm
    of photographic exhibitions

    Sound shows by the Fancelli Quartet - 99% music

    Opening Party Dj sets and multimedia projections by Picasoft - UWF

    Sagrantino Point opening

    10.30 pm, 11.00 pm, 11.30 pm, 12.00 pm
    , 0.30 am
    Plastic performance

  • Saturday 13 October

    10.00 am
    of the Award

    10.30 am
    sessions readings

    3.00 pm
    session two readings

    7.00 pm
    Talk 1% i'm rich you're not

    introduces Piter Foglietta
    with Dougie Wallace, Mario Spada, Shinia Masuda, Lina Pallotta,
    moderates Marco Pinna

    9.00 pm

    Stefano Tamborrino - SEACUP
    collaboration with Young Jazz Festival

  • Sunday, October 14

    10.00 am
    Third session of readings

    4.00 pm
    Umbria Photo Fest Award

    6.00 pm
    Massimo Liberatori Tratturo Zero