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Quartetto Fancelli 



Il quartetto

Fabio Imbergamo: first violin
Federico Galieni: second violin
Vito Vallini: cello
Massimo Santostefano: Double Bass

Around 1650 there was a transition of music, from being just for a few (noble) people to being for everyone; in this period, theatres throughout Italy were opened to the public; in this moment, music is no longer just for 1% but for 99% of people.

The Fancelli Quartet was born out of the musical affinity of a group of friends; they desired to enhance the work of Luciano Fancelli (1928-1953); and to try to recreate the different musical languages in a modern way.

Luciano Fancelli, an accomplished accordionist and above all a fine musician, was among the first to value the accordion not only as a popular instrument but as a mean to express the complexity of well-structured, evolved, culturally rich music which at the same time is accessible to everyone.

The quartet has established itself internationally with the so-called "Despues de Tango", recognized universally as a turning point in the formulation of "Tango Nuevo".

Their great passion for musical research combined with a boundless curiosity has meant that many important contemporary composers such as Porro, Tagliamacco (current director of Genoa’s Conservatorio Niccolò Paganini), Pivotto, Marcelli and others wrote for the Fancelli Quartet.

The passion that led the quartet to play all over Europe, addressing the most varied repertoires ranging from baroque to Tango Nuevo, has received unanimous appreciation from public and critics.

The quartet is currently creating work of towering impact in its new discography.