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Massimo Liberatori
with the Società dei Musici


entrance € 10,00

Folk Legend storytellers

Gianluca Bibiani: accordion
Claudio Scarabottini: piano, mandolin, ukulele and flutes
Stefano Trabalza: guitars, banjo
Massimo Liberatori: voice, guitar and harmonica
Lorenzo Fiori: bass
Paolo Chiari: drums

album / concert
by Massimo Liberatori

“... since I started to conceive the idea of "Tratturo Zero" I often heard myself asking if the word "tratturo" (a track, but especially a pathway through the wilds used by shepherds) was not by chance a spelling mistake. At the beginning this fact surprised me a little, but then slowly, I started to think that maybe it was telling me about the distance today between us, nature and its history. It also suggests how much it is necessary to move to put them all back in the centre of our existence, even in our little one: by singing.

The album / concert, to clarify immediately in which love story we will find ourselves, opens with a translation of the anthemic "This Land Is Your Land" to then make a symbolic "Coast To Coast" transhumance (or shepherds’ trek) from the Apennines to Rome, London and New York. On the way poets like Trilussa, saints and brigands like Francesco and Cinicchia d'Assisi, between anarchist syndicalists and singers like Joe Hill, Woody Guthrie and Joe Strummer are all present with me in this work.

The lyrics of some songs are pervaded by inflections of dialect that have a familiarity for me – from the regions of the Apennines and Romagna. These are closest to the voice of the heart of the people and of mine, as in the case of imaginary translations they represent the slang used in the original text from the other characters mentioned above.

"Tratturo Zero" is an album / concert full of stories all carrying the same tensions, all going in the same direction: that of the ... "Songs of Liberation" in search of lost love as on the track number zero.