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Stefano Tamborrino



entrance € 10,00

Ilaria Lanzoni - violin
Clara Garcia Barriento - viola
Andrea Beninati - cello
Francesco Panconesi - sax tenore
Michelangelo Scandroglio - double bass
Stefano Tamborrino - drums, electronics and composition


The sextet has an unusual structure, containing a thousand faces of a composer, Stefano Tamborrino. He is one of the few Italian rhythmic instrumentalists to have crossed the ocean with an American band and exposes himself in an unexpected role of composer on a razor edge, poised between a multitude of colours that make the final product, free from being classified as any one genre. The listener is led through echoes ranging from jazz to contemporary music, from electronics to folk, passing through the chamber music to where the nature of the stringed instruments ineluctably draws us in


The attention to the sound and an exceptional ability to link the repertoire with a great sound consistency provides a common thread. This allows the musicians to continuously mix the cards in play with a common goal between the lines, an architectural system that is not subject to the rigor of precepts or academic limitations of any kind. What jazz has taken on today is the role to describe what is happening around us. This project is worthy of attention precisely because of the sophistication of the young talents that compose it, being able to filter like a sieve of the current era, making us and outcomes which is representative of our territory and of our decade.